We keep biometric identities safe. No lip-service. No meaningless words.

AimVoice is our proprietary voice authentication module.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Server-side model: enrol once, authenticate across any channel with a microphone
  • Industry standard web and mobile APIs
  • Configure your own risk thresholds
  • Dialect- and language-agnostic
  • Intelligent advice for users in poor sound environments
  • In-built liveliness detection and anti-spoofing technologies
  • Part of our Biometric Identity as-a-Service platform
  • Use as part of a step-up/step-down security sequence in conjunction with AimBehaviour (passive, continuous), AimFace (facial authentication) or your existing mechanisms.

Savings of up to 90% of traditional 2FA costs Use AimVoice anywhere where there are PINs, passwords, two factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) in place, including:

  • In-session transaction authorisation
  • Identity authentication for call centre account access or approval
  • Secure enterprise system access, in place of passwords
  • Physical entry access
  • Authorisation for workflow approvals
  • Inherence factor (something I am) of PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)