BlinkInput SDK (software development kit) captures specific predefined data from cards or papers.

Replace manual data input with BlinkInput OCR and improve UX in your app. Make the input process easier for users – just choose which fields need to be scanned


Users are often required to fill out different forms in mobile apps. The requirements can vary from personal data, wifi code, receipt number, amount, loyalty card number, ticket number, payment data. Replacing manual data entry in an app with BlinkInput is a great tool from the UX point of view. Forget typing, use a mobile camera to quickly input data.


  • blazing fast scanning in real-time
  • works offline, locally on a device, without internet
  • simple integration (one more library in your code)
  • white-label solution meaning it can be customized to fit any design and becomes completely invisible to the end-user

Solution for automotive industry

BlinkInput is often used in automotive industry to scan VIN (vehicle identification number) or license plates. VIN can be scanned either from a barcode, a paper or directly from a car

Solution for TELCO apps

Onboarding of prepaid users has never been easier! BlinkInput SDK combines scanning of SIM card number/barcode and identity documents. A great tool for Telco sales or their third-party resellers because the registration process can be completed anywhere simply through a mobile app. For countries where data privacy regulations don’t allow taking ID images, SDK can be used only to extract data without ever saving the image in the phone memory or anywhere else. In addition, a TOP-UP or scratch cards scanner can be integrated into any Telco or payment app.

IBAN scanner and validator

BlinkInput can be used to easily capture and validate IBAN number. IBAN can be scanned from paper, screen or even bank cards. No need to ask users to focus on the IBAN perfectly in order to scan it. Let them casually point the device towards the item containing it and SDK will take care of finding and reading only IBAN from the frame