Blue Signal’s  “Predictive Driving” technology analyses data collected from various sources such as real-time traffic, vehicles, and road infrastructure, to predict future traffic conditions.  It is based on its unique Machine Learning and AI engine. The engine is based on the big data analysis with traffic engineering elements. It can generate appropriate solutions for reducing traffic congestion and accidents. Furthermore, it has a high prediction accuracy.

Adaptive Traffic Management Solution

Adaptive Traffic Management Technology, is a software algorithm that can:  

  • Predict traffic conditions from two minutes to two days in the future.
  • Link the information to wireless communication systems embedded in vehicles to alert drivers of alternative routes that may save time and may be less congested with less risk of accidents.
  • Control traffic signals to improve the flow of traffic.

Blue Signal offers technology to forecast the future of transportation.

  • Solves the urban transport issues by facilitating AI-based cloud resources.
  • Forecasts traffic demand to establish intelligent traffic signal control and plan.
  • Provides hazard information and traffic related information in order to provide safe routes to drivers.
  • Provides forecasting information on traffic hazard level for each vehicle lane on the autonomous driving cars.











Blue Signal’s traffic prediction will become an essential technology until the global transportation system reaches a complete autonomous environment. This prediction technology will interact with traffic signal systems and on-road automobiles.  It is evaluated to be highly effective for improving the prediction of transportation accuracy and traffic flow.  Blue Signal is executing collaborative tests with several leading automobile manufacturers in order to implement the state-of-art traffic prediction system.

By facilitating the accumulated traffic big data and cloud computing, the traffic condition is forecast in real time.  This forecast information allows navigation for new broad traffic signal control or route guidance.  Blue Signal is working on projects in countries such as Hong Kong, Dubai, Beijing and Vietnam.

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