Share the optimized upstream schedule with all team members

Asset team members need access to an accurate and timely integrated upstream schedule to improve collaboration and hit operational efficiency targets. DSO/CX incorporates comprehensive schedule visualization and reporting capabilities, including GIS mapping, so that upstream team members can view the optimized schedule in a way that makes sense to them.

DSO/CX is a web-based application that eliminates the need for multiple, inconsistent spreadsheets or PDF reports, which may not reflect the most up-to-date schedule. Accessible from a desktop, tablet, or smart phone, DSO/CX significantly improves efficiency, collaboration and mobility, providing up to-the-minute upstream schedule information anywhere, any time.

dso-cx chart

Drive Better Decisions

For complex well delivery processes in challenging economic environments, being able to get accurate upstream schedule information is essential. Better decision-making happens when teams have access to resource and activity data in easy-to-read formats—with metrics that matter to them.

Improve Efficiency

DSO/CX eliminates delays and poor decisions that result from miscommunication and information that’s not up to date

Increase Responsiveness

Customizable dashboards, comprehensive filter and sort functions, advanced analytics, and the ability to map exact activity locations allow teams using DSO/CX to make fully informed decisions, faster.

Support Integrated Scheduling

DSO/CX supports teams as they shift towards integrated upstream scheduling.