Optimize your upstream operations schedule for competitive advantage

Creating and managing integrated schedules for upstream assets is a complex and challenging task. Schedulers must assign rigs and other equipment to well delivery, facility, and maintenance activities in the most efficient sequence, while keeping business goals in mind and avoiding offset well violations.

DSO/Upstream scheduling and optimization software tames the complexity of integrated, optimized rig scheduling with powerful decision support technology and advanced analytics that rapidly identifies optimal schedules to meet business goals. Build and manage rig schedules, and incorporate other resources and activities for a comprehensive operations schedule. “What if?” scenarios show schedulers exactly how decisions will influence costs, production, equipment use, and financial goals.

DSO/Upstream eliminates guesswork to significantly improve the efficient use of equipment, crews, and other resources.

Do things your way

DSO/Upstream incorporates a comprehensive model of upstream operations to get you up and running quickly and smoothly. Prepare the input data and DSO/Upstream does all the heavy lifting, aligning your schedule with business goals. Re-optimize when necessary to address operational changes or new goals.

Rapidly generate and evaluate multiple scenarios

DSO/Upstream incorporates powerful “what if?” scenario evaluation, which allows you to generate scenarios and identify the optimal alternative. Ask questions like the following to get the most out of equipment and assets. What would be the impact if we added an extra rig in 12 months time? If we shrink costs by 20% over the next 9 months, what will be the impact on productivity?

Turn complexity to advantage

The DSO optimizer examines thousands of alternatives per second to find the optimal schedule for all upstream activities, including construction, drilling, completions, fracturing, workovers, and tie-ins. DSO eliminates hours of manual effort, balances trade-offs, and ensures that you stay within business rules and constraints.

Keep it all together

Eliminate error-prone manual data entry and spreadsheet collections that have no audit trail. Centralize lease, equipment, and E&P activity information in a single optimized scheduling database

Take change in stride

Equipment breaks. Weather impacts the schedule. Oil prices fluctuate. Operations change all the time. Update any schedule in real time to reflect current realities, and automatically re-optimize to find the best way forward.

Use your experience and judgement

Interactively adjust and fine-tune schedules to address specific goals. You no longer need to manually recalculate outcomes each time you adjust a schedule. DSO/Upstream immediately shows you the impact of changes on business objectives, providing realistic forecasts for any period