Strengthen your fraud protection strategy with biometrics

The security problems inherent in using passwords have been well known for decades. Emails and SMS are also insecure due to malware, interception, and manipulation of contact information by fraudsters. Call centers are both costly and highly vulnerable to social engineering.

Biometrics represents a viable answer to these tough fraud and security challenges. By 2021, the number of mobile devices with biometric authentication capabilities will reach 600 million. That means your customers will demand this functionality. InAuth is ready with the right solution: InMobile Biometrics.

Combat Fraud More Effectively

InMobile Biometrics is delivered through our InMobile solution, which features comprehensive device integrity screening to uncover high-risk factors and anomalies that can be clear indicators of a fraudster working behind the scenes. It performs application validation to confirm the integrity of your organization’s mobile app by identifying potential tampering, enabling your business to take appropriate measures. InMobile Biometrics also logs the history of biometric attempts so your organization can use information such as the number of failed biometric attempts, lockouts and the addition or deletion of fingerprints from the device to create risk policies specific to their business that can help identify potentially fraudulent behavior.

Best-in-Class Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

The use of at least two identifying factors for authentication makes biometric data infinitely stronger. The combination of our InMobile technology and InMobile Biometrics together deliver the strongest multi-factor authentication solution available on the market.

Frictionless Authentication

With InMobile Biometrics, your organization will be better able to recognize trusted returning devices and the customers who are using them. This allows good customers to transact faster and with greater ease in fewer steps for a far better and more efficient customer experience.

Vendor Consolidation

InMobile Biometrics is fully integrated with our InMobile device intelligence solution, eliminating the need to invest in two disparate technologies, undergo two implementations, and manage two different vendors and solutions. With InMobile Biometrics, you get one vendor, one integrated solution. This means reduced costs and less internal resources expended by your organization.

Easy Implementation and Deployment

Whether you are an existing InMobile customer who wants to add on the InMobile Biometrics solution, or a customer new to both InMobile and InMobile Biometrics, implementation is easy. Both solutions give your organization control over how you want to operate, and our skilled implementation and deployment specialists will work with you to ensure maximum success and a seamless implementation across your entire enterprise.