Message from Founder

The region has seen quick growth in terms of economic and social development.
The UAE aspires to be one of the most innovative nations in the world. We aim to
support this vision by providing next generation technology to empower the public
and private sector to develop and transform.
GDI, which AIME is born out of, has been successful in making a difference in the
market for the past 36 years. Since 1983, GDI has established itself as a trusted
resource for technology. With evolving technology demands and our willingness to
grow, AIME was inspired.
We want to be innovation pioneers. We want to support both the country and the
users. We want to insure security and growth. We must move from a classical
thinking to a forward thinking mindset. AIME was established to evolve and grow
with the new age.

Omar Atta

About AIME


Artificial Intelligence Middle East (AIME) is a dedicated division of Gulf Data International (GDI) that focuses on enhancing and improving organizations through the adoption of cutting edge solutions using AI, and next generation technology. AIME offers advanced solutions for Digital Onboarding & Mobile e-KYC, Biometric Authentication and Digital Device Intelligence, amongst others.

Vision & Mission


To provide the public and private sector in the MENA region with innovative quality and reliable tech solutions using artificial intelligence and next generation technology to continuously improve & enhance our client’s business environment.


To become the market leader in providing next generation software and AI solutions across the MENA region.